How to Get into a Random Drug & Alcohol Testing Pool and Get Your Certificate of Compliance, Plus Get Your Required DOT Drug Test for Your New Carrier Authority

3 Steps and 24 Hours to Compliance

Step 1 - Enroll in Consortium

$85 Per Year 1st Driver
$25 Per Year Each Add'l Driver

Drug & Alcohol Testing Pool "Consortium"
  • $85 Annual Fee for First Driver
  • $25 Annual Fee for Each Additional Driver
  • You pay for Random Drug & Alcohol Testing (max 1 per year) Per Driver
  • Vertical Identity serves as your Authorized Agent
  • Easy Online Sign-Up
Step 2 - Complete Drug Test

$55 Nationwide Drug Test

Pre-Employment Drug Test
  • $55 DOT Pre-Employment Drug Test 
  • We Schedule Drug Test by Zip Code, & Text/Email your Pre-Paid Drug Test Order
  • We give you 20 days to get the Drug Test completed
  • Results are returned within 3-5 days to your email
Step 3 - you are ready to drive

$140 Total - Owner Operator
Consortium + Drug Test 

What Happens Next?
  • Print & save Your Consortium Certificate in your Driver File 
  • Have your Drug Test Chain of Custody and Drug Test Results handy for Audit
  • DOT Drug Test for Random $55
  • DOT Breath Alcohol Test $45

Consortium Drug and Alcohol Pool $85 Per Year  

Whether you are the only Motor Carrier Driver or you have other Drivers, you can all be included in our DOT Compliant Drug & Alcohol Testing Pool. Additional Drivers are only $25 per year.


MVR Pull  $20 Per Year

Motor Vehicle Records report is required in your Drivers Qualification File in addition to Annual updates per Driver. We can pull these annually automatically for you. 


Background Checks $45 

Insurance Companies don't like insuring drivers with certain serious criminal violations or moving violations. Run a background Check! 


Nationwide DOT Employment Drug Test $55

We know you want to get on the road, therefore we have Clinics in all 50 States to serve you no matter where you are!


Ready to Get Started? Click here to enroll:

Drug Testing: Whats Included?:


Nationwide SAMSHA Drug Screens

Our DOT Drug Test includes collections at one of our 21,000 Nationwide Network Clinics, Lab Processing and MRO Services with Alere, Quest or LabCorp.


Random Drug Testing 

Random selections to your DER or Owner Operator Including Scheduling with Text or Email Alerts, Results Reporting and Follow Up.


Medical Review Officer

The Medical Review Officer will call you to discuss non-negative results as necessary for free!


DOT Compliant Alcohol Screens

Including Scheduling, Text or Email Alerts, Results Reporting and Follow Up.

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