Is an Owner Operator Required to have a Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Yes! Every Driver that starts Driving under a New or Existing Authority as a New Driver must have a DOT Drug Test. The Negative Drug Test Results of the Drug Test must be in your Driver Qualification File and you must prove that you had the Negative Drug Test Results back BEFORE you log hours. See this article in the DOT FMCSA Website:

ow often do you run your pool?

Selections are made every Quarter as follows:
1st Quarter 01/01-3/31
2nd Quarter 4/1-6/30
3rd Quarter 7/1-09/30
4th Quarter 10/1-12/31

Can you explain how you come up with the Selections?


Pool of 100 Drivers over a Period of 1 Year

25% Drug = 25 Drivers a Year or 6.25 a Quarter Rounded to 7 Drivers

10% Alcohol/Bat = 10 Drivers a Year or 2.50 a Quarter Rounded to 3 Driver

10% of the Drivers that get a Drug will get a Random Breath Alcohol (BAT)

No one will ever be selected for just a Breath Alcohol (BAT) for a Random

How much is the Drug Testing if we are selected?

Nationwide Drug Test in our Network is $59

Nationwide Breath Alcohol Test in our Network is $49

You will be notified that you had been selected, we will collect payment for the Drug and or Drug/Alcohol and schedule you.

You do not need to use our network for those services, however, you are responsible for providing us the RESULTS for the Pool if you use another Clinic.

Can I technically be selected each quarter?

Technically, Yes. However the likelihood of that is very low. It is a computer program that is used that is compliant with the DOT Regulations which has its own algorithms.

Other companies include Random's in their price why don't you?

We are a small business like you. Our integrity is important to us, and when we created this program, it did not make sense to charge more across the board for everyone for the Randoms.

Lets do the math:

100 Drivers at $85 per year: $8500 income

100 Drivers at $120 per year: $12,000 income

Our cost for the Drug Test for 25% of Drivers

25% of 100 Drivers is 25 Drug Tests: $1375

10% of 100 Drivers is 10 BAT’s: $450

Annual Fee: $1,825 Out of Pocket to the TPA

Their Profit: $12,000-$1,825=$10,175

It is much more profitable for us to convince you that its better to pre-pay all randoms.

We choose to offer the more affordable option for our Motor Carriers.


With our simple 3-step process, you’ll be quickly and affordably screening in minutes!