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Finding the right person to fill a position in your company is no easy feat. Even when you have found the ideal fit for the role, you’ll still need to complete the employee background check. To make this a more seamless experience, we have compiled a list of everything you need to know about background checks.
A pre-employment background screening program can help your company make more informed hiring decisions, reduce the risk of negligent hiring claims, and promote a safer and more secure workplace.
The types of background checks your company should consider will depend on your industry and the nature of the positions you’re hiring for. Common types of background checks include criminal history, employment and education verification, reference checks, and drug testing.
It’s important to work with a reputable background screening provider that is knowledgeable about relevant laws and regulations, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and state and local employment laws. You should also have clear policies and procedures in place for obtaining and using background check information.
The timeframe for a background check can vary depending on the type of check and the complexity of the search. Generally, you can expect most background checks to be completed within a few days to a week.
You should work with a background screening provider that has robust data security measures in place to protect applicant information. You should also clearly communicate with applicants about the types of checks you will be conducting and how their information will be used.
Whether or not to hire someone with a criminal record is ultimately up to your company’s discretion. However, it’s important to have clear policies and procedures in place for how you will evaluate criminal records and make hiring decisions based on that information.
If an applicant disputes the results of their background check, you should have a clear process in place for handling such disputes, in compliance with the FCRA. This may include providing the applicant with a copy of their report, giving them the opportunity to dispute any inaccuracies, and following up with the background screening provider to correct any errors.

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