Account Setup

Account Setup

How We Work at Vertical Identity

Welcome to Vertical Identity, your trusted partner in comprehensive background screening. Our commitment to delivering precise and timely results is underscored by our adherence to the Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) standards and guidelines. If you’re a business or government entity aiming to establish a relationship with us, here’s a clear step-by-step guide to ensure a seamless experience:

1. Set Up Your Account

Duration: 48-72 hours

To start availing our background screening services, the first step is to set up an account with us. Click here to begin the process. Once your account request is submitted, our team will review the provided information, ensuring the authenticity and compliance with our standards. Expect the account setup process to be completed within 48-72 hours.

2. Understanding FCRA Compliance

At Vertical Identity, we place a significant emphasis on ensuring all background checks comply with the FCRA guidelines. As a partner, you too are obligated to follow these regulations.

The FCRA mandates that:

Clear and Conspicuous Disclosure: Before running a background check, ensure that a clear and conspicuous written disclosure is provided to the candidate, explaining that a report may be obtained for employment purposes.

3. Submit Minimal Candidate Information

To facilitate a streamlined background check process, all we require from you is:

Candidate’s Full Name
Email Address
Mobile Number
With these details, our system will:

Send the candidate the necessary consent forms electronically both by email and via text.
Allows the candidate to sign the consent forms directly on their mobile device.
Let the candidate securely enter their Personal Identifying Information (PII).
This advanced method not only saves valuable time but also allows candidates to promptly complete the process from anywhere, leading to quicker hiring decisions.

4. Initiating the Background Check

Once the candidate has given their signed consent, and provided the required details, we will initiate the comprehensive background screening process on our end.

5. Reviewing the Results

Upon completion of the background check, you will receive a detailed report through your Vertical Identity account. It is essential to use this information responsibly, and in accordance with FCRA regulations, especially when making employment decisions.

Note: If any adverse action is to be taken based on the information in the report (e.g., not hiring an applicant), you must provide a copy of the report to the individual, and inform them of their rights under the FCRA.

At Vertical Identity, we’re dedicated to providing a smooth, efficient, and compliant background screening experience for all our partners. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact us. We’re here to assist and guide you every step of the way.

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