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Pre-Employment Screening: Backgrounds – Drug Testing – Driving Records.

The Smart & Affordable Approach to Employment Screening 

We take a complicated process and make it easy.

Data Entry Free!

Data Entry Free!

No more paper forms, data, or emails back and forth. All we need is the applicants email or mobile phone number, we take care of the rest.

FCRA Compliant

FCRA Compliant

We make sure the process is FCRA compliant. Electronic Signatures, Consent Forms, Disclosure and Court Verifications. 

Simple Pricing

Simple Pricing

Whether you need a backgroung on yourself or someone else, one report or multiple services, we offer affordable Nationwide Services 24/7.

Online Reporting

Online Reporting

Track applicant status, and get notifications about report status right to your email. View reports 24/7 in your Secure Dashboard.

Better Screening Means Better Hiring and Less Risk

Applicant background check services that matter starting at $39 with automated workflows, so you can work faster and smarter.

Finding and hiring the best person for the job is more than just a nice-looking resume, a big smile and an interview. One bad hiring decision could end up costing your company thousands of dollars in turnover costs, fines or negligent hiring claims.

Vertical Identity can help you hire and retain the right employees with affordable, risk-mitigating, user-friendly front-end solutions customized for your unique business. Vertical Identity offers multiple levels of searches and affordable packages depending on your company’s industry, budget, and risk factors.

Our comprehensive pre-employment and post-hire background checks are designed to help you decrease corporate liabilities, avoid transportation disasters, reduce fraud, promote a drug-free environment and prevent workplace violence and theft.

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Order a Drug Test (DOT AND NON-DOT)

Vertical Identity is a Women Owned, Certified WBE, 8(A) GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR

Who We serve

HR Managers

We serve the Hiring Manager who wants to get the process started with the applicant and leaves the workflow up to us!

We serve the HR Manager who is worried about compliance, by taking that process into our hands – the experts!

Small Business

We serve the Small Business with just a few hires a year, by not only making the process affordable but EASY.

We serve the HR Manager who is worried about compliance, by taking that process into our hands – the experts!



We serve the individual who is applying for a new position and wants to make sure their background is clear.

We serve the CEO who has to have their hands in everything to make sure it gets done the right way!


Motor Carriers

We serve the Owner Operator who is terrified to make their first hire, by making sure they have peace of mind that they are screened and safe to hire.

Driving Record, Clearinghouse, PSP Record, CDLIS + More. Drug Testing Pool for CDL Drivers.

Compliance Services for Motor Carriers


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Clearinghouse Enrollment

FMCSA Clearinghouse launched Jan 2020 and many carriers have yet to enroll in the Clearinghouse. 

The Clearinghouse holds drug and alcohol violations reported Nationwide. You are required to check the Clearinghouse for any violations for each new driver including yourself.

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Driver Clearinghouse Query

You are required to perform a Full Query on any new CDL Driver in the Clearinghouse. Before you are able to order Queries, you must have credits in your account. Once you order the Query, the driver must approve the Query, which will require te driver to also have a Clearinghouse Login. 


BOC3 Registration

BOC3 is required for each MC that has their own Authority. The BOC3 designates an Agent per State for Service of Process.

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UCR Registration

Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) is a system implemented to verify active insurance coverage in each State a Motor Carrier operates in. 

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IRP Registration

Registration reciprocity agreement among the US and Canadian Provinces, which provides payment of license fees on the basis of total distance operated in all jurisdictions. 

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IFTA Registration

IFTA is an agreement between US States and Canada to simplify the reporting of fuel use by motor carries that operate in more than one jurisdiction.

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SCAC Registration

A registraton code used to identify transportataion companies doing business with military, government, international or intermodel loads.

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Drug Testing Consortium

As part of the Alere Escreen Network, we offer clinics in every state Nationwide DOT Pre-Employment Drug Testing and Randoms.

Motor Carriers: Learn how we help Owner Operators

Affordable Drug & Alcohol Consortium Compliance - Learn How to be Compliant
Affordable Drug & Alcohol Consortium Compliance - Learn How to be Compliant

Affordable Drug & Alcohol Consortium Compliance for owner operators