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TAP Partner Referrals are paid $15 per each Annual Consortium Program.

To learn more about our program and fees go here: FMCSA CONSORTIUM PROGRAM

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Top Reasons for DOT Non-Compliance Fees?

3 Most Common Reasons


What's a Consortium? I'm the only driver! How I can I Random myself? Hint: DOT doesn't care its just you.


Not Random Enough - All Randoms Done Same Day of the Week or Month = Mis-management


DER Is No Longer Employed - My dog ate the Passport - I've been busy - I forgot to renew

Simple Consortium Pricing.

Vertical Identity offers additional Products for your Driver Qualification File Requirements such as: 

Background Check

Annual Inquiry and Review of Driving Record

Credit History

DOT Physicals Nationwide

E-Verify – I9 Services

PSP Record

and more…

24/7 Online Portal

Progressive Online Ordering, Real Time Order Status, and Automatic Delivery reducing your interruptions.

Parent-Child Relationship Logins to support complex multi-location enterprise clients.