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Technology & Data Security Details

User-Friendly Web-based Software Solution 

Our “Software as a Service” background check software, gives you fast, easy, web-based system to order reports, manage applicants, and access information.

Our Background Check Software Provides:

  • Web-based order management and status tracking
  • Gateway to your applicant tracking system
  • Reduction of data entry
  • HTML or PDF Reporting 
  • Speedy turnaround times
  • Comprehensive online Resource Library containing downloadable
  • FCRA froms, Adverse Action Letters, Summary of Rights, and other  Screening, Recruiting, and Staffing related content. 
  • User Manuals and QuickStart Guide


  • Easy to access and understand
  • Accurate and timely
  • Real-time status updates
  • Industry leading turnaround times  

Want to use a Traditional System?

We are okay with that. Clients that do not wish to use the online system to place orders may instead send their orders by fax. There is no additional charge for this option. Our Vertical Identity Team will enter faxed orders into the system during regular business hours.

Our Data Center:

Our data platform servers are housed in an SSAE16 SOC 2 Type 2 audited data center, located in Phoenix, AZ. The facility is monitored by high-definition cameras and staffed by on-site security personnel 24 x 7. Phoenix is a location favored by global firms. Why? No floods. No ice storms. No earthquakes. No hurricanes.

 Our Servers and Applications:

The platform application and your data reside on modern high-availability servers, protected by multi-level firewall and intrusion detection technology. Vulnerability scans are conducted on a regular basis by a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor. Full system backups are performed nightly. Incremental backups are performed on a continuous basis throughout the day. Backup system copies are encrypted and immediately moved to an equally secure facility on a daily basis. All data transmission to and from the servers, including XML traffic, is encrypted using SSL certificates issued and managed by Thawte.

Access, Control and Change History

Vertical Identity fully supports the Multi-factor authentication requirements of the three major credit bureaus and other providers of sensitive data. The system also enforces the use of strong passwords, login timeouts and password expiration. 

We can assign 20 unique user rights to each staff member and 6 unique rights to each user, enabling an exact match of privilege and responsibility. When necessary, you can immediately deny access to any user by simply contacting us. 

The system automatically logs all transaction activity by username, providing a complete Change History audit trail that is immediately available to you. So, you will always know who touched each record and exactly what that user did to it.