Background Checks for Colorado Dispensaries


  • Medical YES
  • Recreational YES
  • Age 21+
  • Application LINK >

License(s) Required

To work in the Colorado Marijuana Industry you must have a MED Employee License. The fee for this license is $100. 

Requirements & Application Process

Requirements: (1) Must be 21 years of age (2) Proof of Residency – CO Drivers License or CO ID (3) Application Fee – $100 (4) Must disclose felony information from past 3 years. 

Background Check Requirements

You must include ALL felony arrests, charges, and convictions in the last 3 years (unless charge was prior to age 18 and was adjudicated as a juvenile), regardless of the outcome, even if the charges were dismissed or you were found not guilty. If you answered YES, explain in detail on pages 4 and 5 of the application, using additional sheets as necessary. For each FELONY offense for which you were arrested or charged, YOU MUST OBTAIN OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION FROM THE COURT WHERE YOU APPEARED, SHOWING THE FINAL DISPOSITION (OUTCOME) OF YOUR CASE (FELONIES ONLY). This information will include whether you were found guilty or not guilty and the penalty (money fine, time in jail or prison, probation or deferred sentence). If you received a deferred judgment, a deferred sentence, or probation, your documentation must include the date that you were discharged or released from probation or other supervision.

This data is for information only. It is not meant to be all inclusive and is provided using the best information available by state regulators.
It is also not updated in real time, therefore some small inaccuracies may exist.

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