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Why do you need business background checks?

1 of 3 Reasons You Need Start Screening Today


Contract Requirement


Something Bad Happened


Risk Avoider

You need to satisfy contract requirements, otherwise, you really do not see the value in background checks, that is why you had not put one in place. But now is your time to implement a new process for vetting current and future hires.

You have come to the right place. Send us your contract requirements, we will create a screening program to meet those requirements.

Simple process to get started:

1) Sign Up

2) Web Training by our team

3) Start Ordering

Soon you are on your way to compliance with your prime contractor.

We see this most often. Something bad happened, and now you are repairing the damage to your business and reputation. 

You get sued for NEGLIGENT HIRING. What is negligent hiring?

Here are some real-world, real-customer examples:

Turns out your employee has four moving violations over the last year and you have them driving a company vehicle. Then they get into an accident. Next thing you know you are being sued for negligence for putting them on the road.

COST: 300K Settlement

There is incidence of workplace violence, and turns out the employee involved had a criminal history of violent offenses, you could be held negligent for not providing a safe work environment.

COST: Everyone found out you had a Sexual Predator working alongside you — Employee moral and productivity drops. They do not trust in the leadership of the company, your sales drop, and it takes you years to rebuild.

You have an employee that is scheduled to do a job at a secure location, i.e. military base, government facility, and even some large manufacturer such as Intel, who perform their own background checks before giving you access to the facility. Unknown to you, your employee is denied access based on their criminal history.

COST: you lose the contract – have to reschedule – inconvenience your client and create more work for yourself. Next time, they will give the work to a contractor who vets their workforce.

nd the list goes on and on. 

You have come to the right place. Send us your contract requirements, we will create a screening program to meet those requirements.

Simple process to get started:

1) Sign Up

2) Web Training by our team

3) Start Ordering


You understand the value of hiring the right peple for the right job without worrying about their past.

You want to provide your clients with well-vetted employees who do not pose a risk.

You want to create a safe and productive work environment.

You have had something “bad happen” in the past and you swore that would never happen again!

Simple process to get started:

1) Sign Up

2) Web Training by our team

3) Start Ordering

Simple Business Background Checks Pricing.

Vertical Identity has Hundreds of Products to Choose From Including but not Limited to:

Reference Checks – Professional

Reference Checks – Personal

Credit History


Workers Compensation


Statewide Criminal Search

Civil Court Searches

Skip Tracing

Medical Certications

Employment Verifications

Social Media Searches

and more…


Does your business need to start a Background Screening Program, but you are not sure where to begin? You are in the right place. Let us walk you through the steps.

sign up with us

Our team will help you decide what type of background checks your business needs.


We will ensure your policy and procedures are in place.

We will provide you with all the FCRA Compliance Forms you need to get started.

web training

Decide on who will order reports, who will have access to the results, and learn how to navigate your secure portal.

Your portal is custom to your needs. You may order Nationwide background checks, drug testing, DOT Physicals, TB Tests and more; all from one portal.

get started!

Once you place your first order, you will get notifications of the progress in your email. Once a report is completed, it will also send you a notification to review the results.

Easy to read results, with Green, Yellow and Red flags to review results that need to be addressed.



We provide you with all the forms you need to get compliant and stay compliant!

You will soon have Easy to Read Reports, with Fast Turn-Around Times, and a 100% US Based Team to answer any questions. 




The consent form is your legal best friend. This form obtains authorization from the applicant, to run their background check.

This form gathers information from the applicant, such as Legal Name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number and Addresses.


You give this form to the applicant. This summarizes their rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

adverse action process form

What happens if you take adverse action against an applicant based on their background check? You would need to send them this letter outlining the details and giving them an opportunity to dispute any information.

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